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Marland School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Marland School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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School Uniform

A consultation was carried out in September 2015.


During this process we consulted with all of the following important stakeholders to gain their views,

these included Marland’s:

· Students

· Students’ Parents & Carers

· Governors

· Staff


The results of this thorough consultation process were:


60% - No Marland School Uniform (except that students and staff must be appropriately dressed at all times)

26% - Change the Marland School Uniform to one that will be more popular with all Students

14% - Keep the existing Marland School Uniform


Due to this clear majority opinion, supported by the additional concerns and issues outlined in my September correspondence to you, the requirement to wear a formal school uniform will be removed with immediate effect.


To ensure that all students are appropriately dressed at all times, a revised ‘Dress Code’ has been drafted and a copy is enclosed with this letter (a similar requirement will also continue to apply to all Staff as well). 

Marland School Dress Code