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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our students and their achievements."

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FAQ for new students

Will I have my own room?

We do have some single bedrooms. Most new students starting will be given a single bedroom. As time goes on you might like to share a room.


Can I have visitors?

Yes, Parents, carers, uncles and aunts can come. The best time is after school, but you must let us know when your visitors want to come so we can make sure that you are in.


What time is bedtime?

Bedtime varies according to your age. Bed times are usually:

Juniors – 9.45pm

Intermediates – 10.00pm

Seniors – 10.15pm

Whilst in your bedroom it is ok for you to, read; listen to a CD or your radio. It is important that the volume of your music is reasonable and that it doesn’t interfere with you getting good night’s sleep and getting up in the morning.


What can I bring with me?

You bring things that are important to you like photos, your ‘West Ham United’ duvet cover, games, and CDs etc. Any games or DVD’s must be age appropriate. Please remember they are your responsibility and that you must keep them safe. You are able to lock your bedroom.


Who can I talk to if I am unhappy?

You can speak to anyone on the staff, but the best person might be your keyworker or tutor.He/she will help and support you whilst at Marland. This person is often the best person to help you if things are not going right. If you want to speak to someone not on the staff, we have contact numbers you can phone.


How do I make contact with home?

The best time your parents/carers can phone is after our evening activities which end approximately 7.30pm. You can bring a mobile phone into school which can be used in the evenings, (they must not be taken into class during the day).


Do I get pocket money?

You can earn pocket money through our award system. There are some jobs available where you could earn some extra money. The goods news is you don’t need any money, all activities are paid for!