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2017 Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge (15 mile Dartmoor Hike)


This year a team of 3 of our students entered the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge 15 mile route, (the longest / most challenging single day option).  It was almost perfect hiking weather conditions on the day.  Accompanied by 3 staff ‘hikers’ the team set off at 8.30am with the students leading from the front from start.  Brendon Walsh, Keaton Mortimer and Connor Hearn absolutely smashed the course, setting a blistering pace that left the other teams behind.


Keaton and Brendon finished in a record time of less than 5 hours, arriving at the finish line in joint first place in a running sprint at 12.23pm.


Connor took slightly longer at 5 ½ hours, arriving at 1.01pm and official second place, again an excellent achievement.  Staff Rob Waters, Sean Daly and Danielle Witt managed to keep up with the students blistering pace and all finished well, healthy with only slightly aching legs.