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The Event: ‘Take Over Challenge’ – Ran by Devon and Cornwall Police on Friday 3rd February 2017, at the Mercure Rougemont Hotel in Exeter – 10:30-3:00. The purpose of this event was for the police to gain views from the students about a variety of topics, such as social media, bullying, cyber bullying, stop and searches etc. They sought the opinions of the students in an interactive and informative way and had professionals available throughout the day for the students to ask questions to and to help them increase their knowledge of the police and community safety organisations in the local area. It was hoped that by taking part in this event, the students would also have increased confidence, communication skills, experience of debating and negotiating, and team work.

The students took part in ice breaker activities to begin with, and then were able to use interactive voting pads to voice their opinions on the subjects discussed by the police, and their ideas for the service they feel the community wants from the police. There was education regarding substances and the impact that taking substances can have on the body and the dangers young people place themselves at through misusing drugs. The police also demonstrated how weapons can be hidden in very normal objects to mask them

Marland Day School were represented very well by Connor Fleming, Callum Saunders, Tyler Bengy, Kes Slade and Cameron Gorden – well done for all your effort and maturity during the trip boys!
Here is some feedback from a couple of students who attended the day:
‘It was great fun. The food was ace. Found it very interesting throughout the day. Liked the voting pads.’
‘Really informative. Nice to speak to people that understand what the police do. Lunch was great. Best bit was the voting pads as it was interactive.’

We would like to thank Devon and Cornwall Police for inviting us to this event, and for increasing the students’ knowledge and understanding of what the police do and about key topics that are very relevant to our students in the current times.